To Life is a combination of 3 short films, a karaoke song, an audio mix, youtube videos and various collaborations not necessarily glaring obvious. Beginning with an idea of the ‘un-extraordinary’ and a refusal of heroic characters moribund FILMS and scriptwriter Zoe Roberts worked together to create 3 shorts, Swarfega, Party For One and The Visit. These films are intercepted by a Karaoke song and collected images, sound and thoughts resulting in one film: TO LIFE.

moribund FILMS & Zoe Roberts


To Life is made with a variety of groups and individuals, focusing on the process of each film, sometimes using workshops, sometimes asking for favours. Those involved are as follows:

Swarfega, Party For One, The Visit screenplays: Zoe Roberts

Made in collaboration with Headliners, a young peoples journalism organisation.
Cameras: Omar Moktar, Ismaile Hussain, Nyomi Liburd, Matthew Mughodi
Actors: Anna Leader, Lauren Leader, Vanni Bianconi
Co-ordinator: Sam Hepworth
Filmed at London Book Arts
Music: Paul Abbott


Party For One
Actors/Camera: Emma Gould, Oliver Morgan, Diarmuid Maguire, Richard Cummings, Harriet Cummings, Richard Horsefield, Rob Parker, Talib Visram, Selina Akhtar, Nicole Rouyer-Guillet


The Visit
Made in collaboration with Central and Cecil Housing Trust
Co-ordinator: Laura Fitzgerald
Actors: Stella Sutton and Daniel Ihediwa
Camera: Ismaile Hussain


Section 1
Singers: Ben Walker and Thom Walker
Recorded and produced: Ben Moon


Section 2
Audio mix: Bartira
Images: “”(sic) Tim Goldie (, Amy Birtwistle, Lescilia Birtwistle, Anton Kats (, Jane Fawcett, Kerstin Schroedinger
Ideas: Reach Out yr 15/16 football team and IAMS Year 7 Art Club


Opening Title Music: Shakeeb Abu Hamdan
Closing Title Music: Ygrec
Special Thanks: Greenwich Screenwriters Group


Swarfega is based on an early childhood experience. My father worked as a mechanic at a construction machinery firm and he took me to the warehouse one Sunday morning after swimming. I was both fascinated and terrified by the large diggers. Dad tried to persuade me to stand in the bucket of one, but I instinctively felt unsafe and untrusting. I really believed he would turn the machine on and lift me up.

Party for One depicts the loneliness of living in London and the difficulty of making real connections with people in a place where life is transient and high paced. When I first moved to London 3 years ago I was struck by the large amount of time I spent outdoors, having given up my car and embraced the daily commute into the City. Film doesn’t generally reflect the reality of day-to-day life, the ‘mundanity’ of it, and I was keen to address this.

The Visit is again based on personal experience. Maintaining relationships in the later phases of life, loneliness, loss of independence and failing agility are all aspects that are touched upon. The script was largely influenced by a friend’s experience of finding his ailing grandmother heating a sausage roll in a saucepan on a hob. Again, my intention was to capture the smaller, more inconsequential aspects that contribute to daily existence.

Zoe Roberts


The intention from my perspective was to encourage a wide range of people to become involved in all aspects of the filming process in an attempt to re-direct the original scripts. The hope being that though written from one perspective the final outcomes would involve a variety of interpretations. It is arguable how successful the collaboration was as a pure process or how much they overshadowed the important subtleties explored by Zoe but I think the films genuinely attempted a new way of making that reiterated differing perspectives and reflected the impact of the individuals involved.



To view the films individually please click on the above link “individual films”.


Originally screened at Rackstraw House and T-Chances in March 2015